International art platform

NFT Artwork by Leo Menossi 
Where ArT, Tech & Space collide

A web/app platform and a global art marketplace for the international art industry

ASKNIGHTS is aiming at being the most selective and curated Contemporary Art Marketplace with remarkable contemporary art pieces, bluechip crypto art, futuristic NFT art & highly curated exhibitions. We are launching our newest project that is focused on developing the best and most efficient international platform for the art industry and a global art marketplace. It uses the latest emerging technologies such as NFTs on blockchain and smart contracts for better security, accountability, trust, and transparency. The service system we provide is mainly autonomous and run by algorithms and principles specified and updated according to end-users needs through programming language and coding. In this way, our use case builds more trust -instant trust- in the system because it aims at being as efficient, correct, and impartial as possible. 

We are bringing innovative ideas to life by combining the art industry with the latest emerging technologies from tech and space innovations. Please feel free to reach us for more information. 

On top of the NFT art marketplace, we have started working towards a Multiverse – an advanced and futuristic metaverse with different mini-worlds within, each with different graphics, gameplays, rules, and art. We got two different kind of worlds: possible worlds and impossible worlds. Let’s all welcome fringe science and have some fun playing its assumptions. The Asknights Multiverse includes NFT games with play-to-earn rewards and art education. What can be more fun than playing, learning, and earning money at the same time? 

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